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GPS took this driver down an unmaintained road, then he tried to turn around!Small Dozer slid off of concrete wall into sewage pit.Hopper trailer slid off the edge of a soft shoulder and rolled over.Snow plow slid of the road.Load of steel jackknifed and slid off of an onramp.Load of condoms rolled over on the 401 near Woodstock.Snow Plow slid off the edge of the road and rolled over!D6 Dozer got a little too close to the edge!Dozer back filling pond, got waaay to close to the edge.Dozer burned at wind turbine site, lifted and swung onto awaiting float trailer.Garbage Hauler Rolled Over, completely broke frame of truck!Rolled Over Recycling TruckDump Trailer Rolled Over in FieldBackhoe Roll OverCoach bus got in trouble trying to turn around, pulled out with our 2 small wreckers!Load of pigs rolled over, all of the pigs made it!Fishing a Saturn out of a pond.Fuel truck rolled over in CambridgeTractor Trailer rollover on the 401 near Woodstock.<lang><l id="1" n="English">Trailer frame broke, decking the trailer onto another to haul it away.</l>Steel hauler rolled over on the 401
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